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Companies save money, and HR Professionals save time.

HR Venue –designed by HR professionals- is a digital interview platform which replaces the
phone screen or on-site preliminary interviews of the recruitment process with video screen.

  • Evaluate more
    candidates in
    shorter time

  • %75 reduced time
    for job interviews

  • Save your recruitment costs

  • NEW HR Venue Live

See how HR Venue can revolutionise your recruiting process


Step 1

Recruiters prepare their questions and invite candidates with whom they wish to interview.

Step 2

NEW The HR Venue candidate app makes it easy for any candidate to interview with a smartphone or tablet on both iOS and Android operating systems

Candidates who receive invitations log in to the system, record their video answers over a webcam. If the interview is live, candidate starts the video chat to take the interview.

Step 3

All HR Venue interviews are recorded and recruiters review the videos and share with the line managers as needed, along with their comments and evaluations.

Step 4

HR and line managers who review the interviews decide upon which candidates to proceed with-fast and effectively.


Great companies using HR Venue

  • Compared with conventional face -to-face job interviews HR Venue offers considerable time saving . Using HR Venue for recruitment gives us the oppurtinity for efficient process management in this broad network of our bank operating in every corner of Turkey by eliminating the geographical distance. Considering that our Recruitment Team were making frequent business travels for interviews before, we observe increased productivity and reduced recruitment cost since we are using video interviewing.


    Kuveyttürk HR , Training and Quality Group Manager
    Semih Sel

  • We used HR Venue first for our Intership Program which is called ‘Intership without photocopying’ to collect videos of candidates. They recorded videos for introducing themselves and the whole selection process was digitalized and personalized by this way. We continue to use HR Venue for hiring sales staff which we call Financial Advisors. With HR Venue, candidates are expressing themselves independent of time and location and we are able to manage our recruitment process cost and time efficient. We will be using HR Venue live in for our hiring process in near future utilizing technology.


    Avivasa Sales Human Resources Department Manager
    Berna Belkıs

  • HR Venue is highly compatible with British Council’s organizational culture and recruitment practice where it offers dynamic and flexible systems. We have received very positive feedback from the candidates regarding the comfort that HR Venue provides. It is now the essential part of our interview panels as you do not need to be at a specific location/office or be in an identified time slot to review the applications as a panel. We believe this helped us in leveraging both our HR and employer brand internally and externally.


    Burcu Vural
    British Council


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Frequently Asked Questions and Press Kit are updated on a regular basis.

FAQ for Candidates

What advantages does
HR Venue interviews offer for candidates?

Saving time:
Candidates who are currently employed do not need to take a day off from their workplaces. They can take the interview wherever and whenever they want in the specified period of time defined by the company inviting.

More than just a CV:
Candidates often complain about how their CVs fell short of really introducing them. There are many candidates who believe they could express themselves properly if the a chance was given. Hiring in a traditional manner requires only a limited number of candidates who thought to be the best fit for the job to be interviewed and the rest of the hiring process proceeds with them. Candidates who receive HR Venue invitations video-respond to questions prepared by recruiters and find a better chance of correctly expressing themselves to stand out in the hiring process.

Smooth and fast concluding hiring process:
Candidates who apply for open positions to the companies who are using HR Venue, do not have to wait for long weeks to introduce themselves and struggle for hours or days to schedule meetings that will suit both parties. They can provide instant feedback to companies after receiving HR Venue invitation and the hiring process finalizes in dramatically short period of time.

A better chance for stepping forward:
Potential employees who submit HR Venue interviews to companies gain a prospective status within these companies’ talent pool which can readily be accessed by recruiters and managers for future vacancies even if they are not considered for the original position for which they have applied.

What are the technical requirements for candidates who receive an invitation over HR Venue?

For candidates who receive the invitation and intend to apply, availability of a computer with a web-cam and an internet connection alone should suffice. Performing the interview in a quiet and well-lit setting, makes a positive contribution towards attaining higher video quality.

On what should the candidates who have never made a video-interview focus?

Candidates who sign-up and activate their accounts are thoroughly informed and guided, starting with their login until their interview starts. By then, candidates would have learned about what to consider, compatibility of their equipment would have been tested, and key points regarding the specific interview would have been made before they start. They can make limitless number of trial interviews provided by HR Venue before they start their original interviews. Therefore, the quality of their interview is guaranteed.

Who is authorized to watch the trial recordings?

Candidates’ trial recordings can not be viewed by anybody other than themselves and are not kept on the system.

Who is authorized to watch the video-responses?

Candidates’ digital video recordings can only be viewed by authorities from the inviting company.

Can candidates who are interviewed over HR Venue get hired without making a face-to-face interview first?

HR Venue is intended only to replace for first round face to face and telephone interviews to make the hiring process more effective and faster. Face-to-face interviews will continue to be an indispensable part of the hiring process.

How long does an interview take?

The number and length of questions per interview may vary, depending on the approach of inviting company. It is safe to assume an average interview will last between 15-30 minutes.

FAQ for Companies

What is HR Venue?

HR Venue –designed by HR professionals-is a digital interview platform which replaces the phone screen or on-site preliminary interviews of the recruitment process with video screen. With HR Venue, companies save money, HR Professionals save time.

For what type of companies HR Venue is most suitable for?

HR Venue is perfect for every company which conducts interviews for candidate pre-screening purposes. Regardless of their scale, every company can utilize first-round interviews over HR Venue, thus saving time and money which streamlines the overall hiring process.

Does HR Venue require an application to be installed?

HR Venue is a web based platform in which all information is stored on secure cloud servers. No installation of any sort is required.

Can member companies receive applications and find CVs over HR Venue?

No. HR Venue is in no means a CV database or a job postings platform. Companies can use it to conduct first-round interviews with more candidates in less time.

Will HR Venue replace face-to-face interviews?

No. HR Venue is designed and developed as a replacement for only the first-round and telephone interviews in mind. By using HR Venue, the companies can facilitate and ensure cost-effectiveness of their hiring process.

Should training be received in order to use HR Venue?

Using HR Venue is as user-friendly as sending or receiving e-mails. A briefing and an introductory training are provided for the client companies as they start to use HR Venue and technical support is provided as long as this membership lasts.

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